At Elysian Realty, even if you are not physically present, our Absentee Landlord Management Services will ensure that your property is not only taken good care of while you are away but it will also ensure that you get a much needed return on investment!

One of the very few companies that offer Absentee Landlord Services in Sri Lanka, Elysian Realty caters to any individual that travels extensively leaving their property unattended. Elysian Realty offers you the convenience of being an absentee landlord with the confidence of knowing your interests are well taken care of.

Here are some of the Absentee Landlord Management Services we offer.

  • Prospective tenants will be carefully screened
  • You will have no direct dealings with tenants
  • Any tenant issues will be dealt with professionally and promptly
  • All maintenance issues closely monitored, including costs
  • Your property will be kept in excellent condition thus saving money on future refurbishment
  • Automatic renewals of lease agreements
  • No hassles pertaining to legal documentation
  • 24/7, 365 day contact ability

Talk to us for the best Absentee Landlord Management Services in Sri Lanka!